WhatsApp testing Beta for Android to prevent spam forwarding

With previous beta tests of WhatsApp with BHIM UPI payment in India, WhatsApp made lots of headlines. Not just because its Indian user base is very big and if WhatsApp enters into payment system then it would definitely be a game changer. But because of Paytm founder and CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma’s critical comments on WhatsApp Payment.

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Only a few days have passed since that news but in a technical world, If you want to stay in a business, you got to update your system before your competitors update their systems. And WhatsApp knows this well, that is why WhatsApp is trying a new feature in their latest beta update 2.18.67 for Android.

WhatsApp beta 2.18.67 for Android

A website wabetainfo.com who keeps watching over WhatsApp Google Play Beta Programme, reported that “WhatsApp has modified the behavior of the feature, that will show on the bubble (when the feature will be enabled in future), a forwarded message” string, if the message has been forwarded from another chat (or from the same chat),”.

Spam prevention on WhatsApp.

This move is taken by WhatsApp in order to prevent mass level spam messaging on its platform by means of forwarded messages. Well, spammers still could invent new methods to bypass this measure taken by WhatsApp. But It will surely reduce spam forwarding by some means.

At the present WhatsApp does not block forwarding of a message for more than 25 times but it is included in their future updates.

In the same update, WhatsApp has added the possibility to forward stickers to other chats. Stickers will be available in future.


These two features are currently under development. It means they are not available yet and they will be enabled in next updates. So don’t worry if you don’t see them updating to this version. WhatsApp is started to work to implement these features since this version, so they didn’t enable them yet.

If you want to check out the original article published in webetainfo.com then click here.

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