Shirley Setia: The tiny one…with not so tiny dreams.

Shirley Setia, born on 2 July 1995, Daman, India is a well known YouTube sensation with over 1.8 million YouTube subscribers, 2.8 million Instagram followers, 702K Twitter followers & 3.6 million Facebook followers.

Shirley Setia’s early days in India.

She spent her early days with her family in India but due to her father’s job, all their family moved to Auckland. It was hard to leave all friends for little Shirley and didn’t know what is coming ahead in her life. Her love for Indian pop music was clearly visible in her eyes but she didn’t know it yet.

Shirley Setia and how she found her passion.

She discovered her passion for music over YouTube on a whim, when she took part in a contest conducted by T-Series. The entry was recorded in her bedroom while she was wearing pyjamas. This earned her the sobriquet “Pyjama Rockstar” by the New Zealand Herald. She was declared as one of the winners from thousands of entries.

Amidst the chaotic life of being a student and a part-time radio jockey, she started uploading regularly on to YouTube and has since then collaborated with YouTube artists from across the US, UK, India and Canada.

Shirley Setia’s entry into Bollywood.

After some time Shirley moved to Mumbai, India to shape her dream into reality. During this time to make it big into Bollywood, she was featured in Forbes Magazine. Rob Cain the writer of the article in Forbes magazine described her in his article as “Bollywood’s Next Big Singing Sensation”.

She is very famous in youth not only because of her music singing style but also because of her gorgeous looks also. In my friend circle, almost everyone follows her on at least one of many social media platforms. Some because she sings so passionately and some because of her beauty.

Shirley Setia’s entry into Bollywood was unique in her own way. Not all people who are famous on the internet can make it this big into Bollywood with all peoples mind preattached to big Bollywood families.

Start with Live performance.

Not only she made big into Bollywood and Youtube but also she took her tiny footsteps into a big live stage performance business. And now she performs all over India. I never had a chance to attain her live show but I have seen it all over the Internet and read in Newspaper articles about her stage performances, her energy that she brings along with her into a show. It is just amazing to look, to listen and to watch her performing. When I watch her performance on Internet, my mind just keeps wondering that how one tiny person with no pre-settled path makes it this big in so less time.

If you can dream it, You can do it.

It all started for her with a tiny dream and you, my readers can make it big in your life if you can dream it. With this, I end my article on Shirley Setia here. Write down in the comment box below what you think of her and this article. Also, write about your dreams and what you are doing to make them the reality.

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