The NYTimes post on this Olympic Freestyle Skier

Her Olympic Goal: Find Her Birth Parents

Winter Olympic games are finished now and with that many dreams became reality but much more than that had broken. It’s Footage of a Story shared by Olympic Freestyle Skier on The New York Times.

It’s a video worth watching. It reminds us that the problems we face in our daily lives are nothing. We sometimes feel like everything in our life is going wrong. If we open our eyes wide enough to feel the pain of what other people are going through in their life, then we’ll be probably more satisfied with our own lives.

I’m not saying you ignore¬†if¬†anyone is going through a hard time, But if you are wise enough to see the world around you, problems others are facing and people trying to stand each time when they fell down, people who without any blood relation standing for other people then you might feel that your problems could be solved. And it is not a dead end for you either.

And the people who are standing out in a crowd to help those in need reminds all of us that world is going to be better day by day. If not all, someone is there for you out in the word also.

Her goal was to meet her birth parents. Someone, in the end, called her claiming that they are her real birth parents.

As she found a hope to meet someone whom she dreamed to meet for her entire life. You will also find a hope in your life, just believe in your self no matter whether anyone believes in you or not. This is all in this post. Do comment down below about NYT’s this footage and my article. If you liked this article then don’t forget to subscribe our newsletter.


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