Want to buy any gadget? Before You Buy anything, have a look at these top 6 Indian Technical YouTube Channels.

I am a computer engineer. When I want to buy anything whether it’s a small, cheap and a regular thing or it’s a big, costly high tech product, I open my laptop and check reviews about that product. I compare that product with other available brands and after then I decide which one will meet my expectations best within my budget.

In the edge of the internet, it’s very easy to know the right product which will suit your needs and also will be in the budget, if you know where to check all this information. Hi, everyone, and today I’m going to give you information about how to compare different tech products using YouTube. You might question after this, why is the headline about Indian YouTube channels? Because We are going to consider Indian people buying products in India then obviously our homegrown Tech YouTube channel would be best for that advise.

1.Technical Guruji (4.9M Subscribers)

Technical Guruji is a YouTube channel owned by Gaurav Chaudhary. He posts tech videos regularly on different topics ranging from mobile phones, their specifications, his views on different topics to latest tech updates, tech talks, unboxing…etc. Technical Guruji is the most subscribed Indian Tech channel and most important thing about this channel is that it is in Hindi. This channel gained a lot of subscribers in very less time period.

2. Geekyranjit (1.4M Subscribers)

Geekyranjit is a YouTube channel owned by Ranjit Kumar with 1.4 Million subscribers. It grabs the second spot on my Indian Tech YouTube channels List. He started his channel in 2011 and as of now, He posted more than 2100 YouTube videos. His passion is sharing his tech knowledge with the world so he started posting videos on YouTube and now his channel is one of top Indian tech YouTube channel. He also did a collaboration with Technical Guruji Channel for few YouTube videos.

3. C4ETech (995K Subscribers)

Ashwin Ganesh is the founder of C4ETech YouTube channel. As of now, He has 995K YouTube subscribers. Along with the technical reviews, unboxing and comparison videos, he also produced few videos on his lifestyle, his income, home, and behind the scene videos. He also owns C4ETech Tamil channel. Just like many tech channels today, this channel focuses on Android Smartphones.

4. Sharmaji Technical (953K Subscribers)

Praval Sharma is an owner of Sharmaji Technical YouTube channel. By subscribers count his channel gets the fourth place on my list. He mainly creates videos in the Hindi Language. Sharmaji Technical would be a great choice to compare different tech products before you go to buy. And this will also give you an edge over other people in knowledge.

5. iGyaan (762K Subscribers)

Bharat Nagpal is the founder & business head of iGyaan YouTube channel. iGyaan channel with 762K subscribers gains the fifth spot on my list. This channel mainly focuses on Android, iOS, News, Reviews, Unboxing videos…etc. Many merchandises of iGyaan especially T-Shirts are available for its followers.

6. Gadgets to Use (732K Subscribers)

Abhishek Bhatnagar is the owner of Gadgets To Use YouTube Channel. He is a blogger turned YouTuber. Along with all tech videos, He also teaches people how to use these gadgets on his channel. Initially, He used to upload videos in English but now he uploads videos in both the Hindi and English Language.

This was my list of YouTube channels by their subscriber’s count. I hope this helps you to decide better products and use them to their full potential.

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